The Asian Defense Pact, officially the Pact to Promote Freedom and Democracy in Asia, is an alliance founded by the Republic of China. Any nation can join the Asian Defense Pact, provided they are accepted by a majority of Asian Defense Pact members or by all members of the Asian Defense Head Nations Council(ADHNC), which is currently composed of the founding nation, the Republic of China.

The pact is, as the name suggests, designed to defend Asia against both internal and external threats, although it does have different objectives. It was formed following the Second World War, as a way for China to increase its power, to promote peace and to get revenge on the Allie. The Republic of China is the only permanent member of the ADHNC, although there are plans for more permanent members.


The main aim of the Asian Defense Pact is to limit influence from foreign nations, which the ROC feesl is bad for Asia. As well as this, it seeks to promote democracy and freedom in Asia, improve the economies of all members, act as protection for all members and defeat any expansionist/imperialist nation in Asia and more. For clarity, this is a bullet point list of the terms:

  • Combating external influence.
  • Supporting democratic nations in Asia.
  • Economic aid for all nations in the Asian Defense Pact.
  • Protection against all aggressors against the nation.
  • Revenge on the Allies in WW2.
  • Technological Advancement.
  • A future Asian Confederacy, hopefully becoming a World Superpower.

Asian Defense Head Nations Council (ADHNC)

The Asian Defense Head Nations Council, commoly abbreviated to ADHNC, is the council of the strongest nations of the Asian Defense Pact. The ADHNC has the power to declare war on any nation outside of the ADP for any reason, the power to expel any nation or accept any nation from or into the ADP. They also have the ability to permit a nuclear strike on any nation outside of the ADP, though that will have to wait until after the Nuclear Weapons Project.

Currently, the Republic of China is the only nation in the Asian Defense Head Nations Council, as the founding nation and also due to it bein, currently, the only member. All permanent nations have VETO power over any policy. There are plans to expand the ADHNC to 3 permanent members, once nations start joining.

ADHNC Resolutions

None so far.

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