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One does not ascend to the top without making a few enemies, and this is especially true in Hitler's case. A myriad of politicians, generals, and ex-rulers are very angry, and have finally assembled under one roof. They decide that the power will be shared in an oligarchial way when they overthrow Hitler, and so the next day, they meet Hitler at the Reichstag, presumably to speak about passing a new bill. When Hitler is half-finished reading the phony bill, General of the German armed forces Wilhelm Keitel pulls a gun out and kills him. Himmler is next, followed by Göring, and most other members of Hitler's Cabinet. The few generals, however, do not wish to share their power with the others, and so, before any witnesses arrive, the Generals arrest the politicians and ex-rulers, saying that they were the ones who killed Hitler and his Cabinet, and that he and his fellow generals would take control of Greater Germany. They are tried, and hanged, leaving the seven generals to rule the massive empire. What is their first order of business as the rulers of Germany?

Jazon Naparleon 03:18, August 5, 2010 (UTC)