The Start of the War, 1911

Less of an actual war, this was more of one of the theatres of the First World War, but it does drag the whole world war out longer. With the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the Middle East lost most of its political foundations meaning lots of rebellions and independent movements started, as well as other countries wishing to expand into the leaderless land.


Peter I of Serbia lead the partition of the European territories of the Ottoman Empire

This started in 1911, when the Ottoman Empire were facing a multi-war front in the Balkans, Libya and the Caucasus against the Greeks, Albanians, Montenegrins, Bulgarians, Serbians, Macedonians, Italians, Georgians, Armenians, and Azerbaijanis, respectively. Things got worse when the British declare war on the Ottoman Empire, join the Anti-Ottoman league and invade Egypt and the Sudan. British ships also move into the Aegean Sea in order to disrupt Ottoman ships too. Now with lots of invading enemies the Ottoman Empire experiences a rebellion in the Capital and the Turk rebellion starts and Turkish republicans join the anti-Ottoman alliance in January. The Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II (he stays in power as the people who would over throw him in the OTL are instead occupied trying to defeat the other rebellions and invasions) signs the treaty of Constantinople with the anti-Ottoman league which reduces the Ottoman Empire to a city state with some land around the city. PEter I of Serbia led the treaty making sure his slav allies got what land rightfully belonged to them (in his eyes). With the empire reduced to a city state, the Sultan vows to make Constantinople much larger and for the city to take up all of the land his empire is now limited to. Elsewhere the rest of Asia Minor becomes the Republic of Turkey, and Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, either gain land or become nations. Italy gain Libya and Britain gains complete control of Egypt & Sudan. This puts the anti-Ottoman league, except Italy who are fighting France, Britain who continue to expand into former Ottoman controlled land and to fight France, and the Ottoman Empire out also.

However with the Ottoman Empire out of the war and a shadow of its former self, a civil war starts in the former Ottoman Middle Eastern territories. This spills into the other states in the Arabian Peninsula and the recent discovery of oil in Arabia also attracts the interest of European Powers and many of them are re-drawn into the war, albeit with a lot less troops. The British and Germans planned to extend their influence over the former Ottoman lands. This involved the British expanding their colonies in Egypt into the Sinai Peninsula and Aden to control the rest of Yemen. The Germans wanted to get a colony in the gulf to secure some oil fields which the Germans needed to support their expanding petroleum and auto-mobile industry. As well as foreign colonization, there are some major independence movements for would-be countries including Syria, Iraq, Kurdistan, Lebanon, and Palestine. Also the Omanis, Kuwaitis and the Saudi clan also wished to expand their respectful territories; the Saudi clan simply wanted to expand their territories into a much larger kingdom and a more recognized country then there currently controlled lands in Arabia. Similarly Oman wanted to bring their country back to its previous glory days by having a bigger say in the rapidly expanding global oil industry. And the Kuwaitis wanted to regain their territory which was taken by the Ottomans.


The Germans make a landing around modern day Ank in Arabia to found their new planned colony of German Arabia. The Germans make a deal with the British to decide how the Persian Gulf shall be divided and how the status-quo will be maintained. This deal is then offered to Persia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain; who were nearly forced to sign the treaty. This is known as the Treaty of Tehran and was ratified on April 2nd 1912. Also note, that this treaty was not offered to the Saudi clan as they weren't seen to control the remaining Arabian Peninsula and rather the rest of Arabia be split up by other Arabian clans, rather than just the Saudi clan which eventually beat all of the other clans. By the end of the year though, Kuwait had finished expanding into its territory designated to them by the treaty of Tehran and they leave the war and begin to consolidate its newly gained land.


The British finish expanding to in Sinai and Yemen and pull out of war in July. Also the Kurdish separatists successfully take control of a large part of Kurdistan and declare it there own independent state; this takes Kurdistan out of the war. Plus the Saudi clan's army are pushed back by a large assault from the Al Rashid clan.


Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan and Palestine continue to expand their territories.

The end of the war, 1915

Map of Asia 1915

Asia after the first World War

The Arabian war begins to end as the remaining fighting factions finish expanding and consolidating there new territories. The end of the war pens out after the remaining countries finish expanding and leave the war. The order of nations leaving the war are as follows:
  • Lebanon finish expanding and leaves the war on January 10th.
  • Oman finishes expanding and leaves the war on May 22th.
  • Palestine finishes expanding and leaves the war on May 30th.
  • Jordan finishes expanding and leaves the war on June 9th.
  • Syria finishes expanding and leaves the war on June 28th.
  • The German troops return home from Russia and the colony of German Arabia is stabilized. These events cause Germany to leave the war around July 1st.
  • Iraq leaves the war after they finish expanding around July 21st.
  • The Saudi clan finish expanding after the surrender of the last fighting Arabian clan, and the modern day state of Saudi Arabia is established on August 1st as they also leave the war in a lavish ceremony.

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