The Anglo- German War (The 19th century wars)
Part of The 19th century wars
Date 1891
Location The German Republic
Result German victory
The German Republic

The United States The Russian empire

The united kingdom

German royalists

Commanders and leaders
Edward Von Schmidt James Harrison
Units involved
1st rifle regiment

2nd Grenadiers American Expeditionary force Russian expeditionary force

British Expeditionary ForceForce

German royal guards

350,000 265,000
Casualties and losses
11,000 wounded

10,000 dead

23,000 wounded

27,000 dead

The Anglo-German war was an attempt by Britain and German royalists to restore the kingdom of Germany the German republic received support from the United States and Russia due to the triple alliance pact signed in 1891 the British army was still in disarray from the Russian Opium War and was unable to send many troops to help the German royalists and the conjoint German American Russian armies crushed the German royalists and proceeded to invade the English mainland and occupied the former empire in a few days