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Military Hostilities Begin - 7/1/12

Approximately 753 Tibetans were displaced from their homes as a result of exchanging fire between militaries in the disputed region of Tibet. The Pakistani military evacuated approximately 1,033 Tibetans, and have relocated them to refugee camps. 

Though there is no culprit yet as to who was involved in the exchange of fire, but media outlets across the globe are already pointing the fingers to Mongolia, Russia and China; the three countries mainly involved in the feuding. Pakistan and India have also made the headline news, and are very much involved, after all, it is Pakistan's military that is helping evacuate displaced Tibetans, or those in danger.

Soldiers from South Korea have also been reported in Tibet.

Elbegdorj and Batbold on the Brink of Sending Troops - 5/30/12

President Elbegdorj was enraged when the Chinese government requested his absence in the meeting with the Soviet government. Elbegdorj and Batbhold have no doubts that the Chinese are definitely planning something. Elbegdorj said, "They could possibly be planning to retake Inner Mongolia and Manchuria as well, and it looks like they want the Russians to help them."

Mongolia's army may not be as big and bad as China and the Soviet Union but their troops are well-trained fighters and a force of simply 1000 or 2000 Mongolian soldiers can be enough. Batbold also sent warnings to the Manchurian, South Korean and North Korean governments of a possible Chinese attempt to re-siege Manchuria and even try taking Korea by force. The South Korean government responded by saying, "We've fought the Chinese before, and aren't afraid to fight them now."

The South Korean government will be sending soldiers over to Manchuria to combat a possible Chinese invasion. The North Korean government, is once more pincered between two choices, since the Soviet Union and China were both suppliers of North Korea. North Korea's dictator Kim Jung il said, "This is a back-breaking choice between the Chinese and the Russians." Batbold said, "For the second time, this is when Mongolia's modern-day military will be a little busy protecting territory, and trying to find out what the hell China, India and Pakistan want to do with Tibet."

The Chinese government said, "Batbold must not send Mongolian soldiers over here in Tibet. We are guarding this place well with our military. Doing so will result in an armed conflict between us and the Mongolians." The United States sent their response to Elbegdorj and said, "We cannot get ourselves involved. We have many other problems to deal with, we wish we could help." For North Korea this is even more torture to choose between the Chinese and the Soviets. Kim Jung il said, "I hate these times. South Korea and China knows their side, Here we are, pincered back and fourth in the middle. We are like, the middle of the sandwich."

President Elbegdorj advised the Tibetans to flee Tibet, for the meantime. He said, "Dear fellow, peaceful Tibetan people. The Chinese, Pakistani and Indian soldiers are coming for you. We are trying to send soldiers over there, and wish well we could help you immediately. We advise that you all flee to Nepal or Bhutan for the meantime, war against your people is coming. From Chinese soldiers, and soldiers of Pakistan and India, soldiers that aren't even from your homeland. If you don't wish to flee, arm yourselves and prepare for war."

India and Pakistan's Governments Respond to Elbegdorj's Claims - 5/26/12

The Pakistani and Indian governments have released their replies to President Elbegdorj's prying in information as to why Pakistani and Indian soldiers are in Tibet. The Pakistani government's response was, "Our troops are there because we are aware of China's corrupt activity in Tibet. Our soldiers are simply there because we want to keep peace at hand. Our arresting of the Tibetans was not an arrest, it was simply to keep them safe from being tortured by Chinese soldiers." But President Elbegdorj and prime minister Batbold aren't buying into it. Prime minister Batbold said, "We asked China, not Pakistan or India. The Pakistani government is answering a question we asked the Chinese government. We demand an answer from China and only China. Not India and not Pakistan. Obviously the Chinese government is letting these Indian and Pakistani soldiers into Tibet, of course they'd tell us what China would want to tell us. Again, I demand a real answer from China, and China only." The Chinese government has been silent on this. The Soviet Union also sent in their responses and said, "We know what is happening in Tibet is very corrupt. I can't guarantee Mr. Elbegdorj an all-out Russian invasion of Tibet. We'll plan a meeting with China's government. We've warred with China for Tibet before. But this time, we are going to handle this problem diplomatically." The Chinese government responded by requesting that neither Elbegdorj or Batbold show up at the meeting. An enraged Elbegdorj said, "It's very obvious now. There is something the Chinese don't want us to know about Tibet, as my prime minister said, there is a mass genocide going to take hold for the Tibetans. The world won't be aware of it. I'm done asking the Chinese government for information, now I am demanding China for an answer. I am not buying into Pakistan's excuse."

Mongolia's President Suspicious of China - 5/25/12

On the ongoing quiet struggle to manifest its claim on Tibet, President Elbegdorj of Mongolia is suspicious that China is purposely allowing India and Pakistan's involvement in Tibet. President Elbegdorj said, "There should be no reason that India and Pakistan's soldiers are in Tibet. This is just none of their business. The Chinese government is so focused on keeping Tibet away from Mongolia and Russia, but lets Indian and Pakistani troops into Tibet? What is this?" Elbegdorj started to give vulgar comments against the Pakistani and Indian governments calling them "Greedy bastards". President Elbegdorj said, "Something is definitely wrong here. The Chinese army is literally backing up Pakistan and India's involvement over in Tibet. I demand answers now." Elbegdorj sent several letters to China's government requesting and demanding information as to why the Chinese is letting Indian and Pakistani troops into Tibet. The Chinese government said, "We seriously ask of President Elbegdorj to keep his nose out of Tibet. Mongolia now has Inner Mongolia and Manchuria. What now of Tibet?" Elbegdorj has threatened the Chinese government that he will start a nuclear programs in Mongolia. He said, "Our population may not be much, but our lovely deserts are enough to build nuclear reserves." The Chinese government responded by saying, "We do not feel threatened that Mongolia should engage in nuclear warfare. Their nomads won't allow it." Mongolia's president sent a letter to Moscow requesting for help in Tibet. The letter not only explains China's refusal to give information, but the suspicious and unreasonable presence of Pakistani and Indian military personnel in Tibet. The Soviet Union has provided no response yet. Vladimir Putin has been quiet on the matters. Currently Indian soldiers have just arrested two Tibetans. Elbegdorj said, "This has gotten more suspicious than ever. Now Tibetans are going to get tortured by soldiers, soldiers that aren't from their own country." Mongolia's prime minister Sükhbaataryn Batbold said, "President Elbegdorj is right, something is seriously wrong in the air, very fishy in the waters. The Soviet Union must help, because genocide of the Tibetan people is coming. The mass presence of those foreign soldiers from Pakistan and India being invited in by the big and bad Chinese army gives a lot of concerning signs." The number of armed men in Mongolia's national armed forces numbers some 1,213,211. President Elbegdorj and prime minister Batbold are thinking of resorting to actually sending armed Mongolian troops to Tibet. Elbegdorj said, "Hey, we may not have the biggest and the baddest military. Our men know how to fight, if the Soviet Union refuses to help, we'll send our own troops over to Tibet. How would the Indians or Pakistanis feel if Mongolia or the Soviet Union sends soldiers over to Kashmir to start butting their noses in?" A force of 3,442 Mongolian troops are expected to be stationed in Tibet, it can't hurt." Right now, with certain circumstances such as a low population, poor military, money shortages and a lack of replies from the Soviet Union, Mongolia's source of back-up, Mongolia falls pretty helpless for Tibet's independence.

South Sulawesi Wants Independence, Religious Violence - 5/23/12

We all heard ASEAN's promise, if the Indonesian government failed to act on the religious terrorism in Sulawesi, then they would lose the island to independence just like they did West Papua and East Timor. A lot of Christian and non-Muslim communities in Sulawesi are joining in on the independence movement against Indonesia. Sulawesi's governors are trying to quell down the religious movements without the use of Indonesia's military according to ASEAN's conditions. A church has been recently bombed and raided in South Sulawesi. President Susilo Bambang said, "To the Christians and other non-Muslims, don't you worry one bit. We will take care of these terrorists as much as possible and make sure they be brought to hard justice. If not, we will send you to safety." Nur Agung, the head of the Christian Organization of Sulawesi (COS) said, "We did not do anything to the Muslims. I don't see a reason for all this religious hatred towards Christians here in Sulawesi. For years the Indonesian government has done but well to quell this genocide. It took the entire ASEAN to warn them." Surin Pitsuwan said, "I can't guarantee South Sulawesi an independence. There will be terrorists everywhere, and the Indonesian government is at least trying to act upon this terrorism unlike previous years." Indonesia has recently lost much territory, including East Timor and West Papua. If the Indonesian government fails, then Indonesia would have lost 3 provinces to independence.

Mongolia Keeps It's Claim to Tibet - 5/22/12

Ever since Inner Mongolia and Manchuria were annexed to Mongolia, there has still been an ongoing struggle to annex Tibet as a Mongolian province. For years the Chinese government has strengthened its hold on Tibet. Some of China's highest ranking politicians have even married Tibetans so strengthen its hold on Tibet. The Soviet Union and Mongolia are still trying to find a way to attain Tibet as Mongolian territory. President Taskhhiagiin Elbegdorj of Mongolia said, "China does not know how to take care of their people. After Tibet, we'll stop nudging China for its so-called "territories". Manchuria, Inner Mongolia and Tibet are not truly Chinese territories." China's president Hu Jintao said, "We've given Mongolia a lot of territory already. We gave them Inner Mongolia and Manchuria, I suppose we just give them Beijing and all of the rest of China! Giving China Tibet would destroy the cultural diversity of China." The Soviet Union did not send soldiers to Tibet. Soviet premier said Vladiimr Putin said, "A war with China must be avoided. This would cause nuclear fallout. Not that I fear China's army, because there is nothing to fear." President Elbegdorj said, "Just Tibet and that is it. Then China can keep worrying about itself." Money has been pretty tight for the Mongolian government. President Elbegdorj also criticized India and Pakistan's involvement and said, "We do not have the money to even buy Tibet from China. Then we have India and Pakistan's militaries still butting into this even though they've already got their precious Kashmir to worry about. India and Pakistan too, are military superpowers like China and the Soviet Union. But they are no threat really, Pakistan's military is powerful but not enough to handle the Chinese or Soviet armies. I see India and Pakistan's militaries as not threats, but complete nuiseances. I never saw Chinese or Russian soldiers in Kashmir, now why am I seeing Indian and Pakistani soldiers in Tibet?"

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