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The U.S.A has been watching the growing power of the Reich for a while now, and has finally decided to take out the Germans before the Germans can take them out. Plus, they want revenge for all the troops lost at the failed Normandy invasions. The Americans decide to throw the Reich into chaos by assassinating the Führer, Adolf Hitler.

The U.S. sends in Black Ops agents to kill Hitler while he is vacationing in his house in northern France. The agents successfully insert into France and make their way to the house where Hitler is staying. They get into a gun battle with Hitler's guards, and when he comes out to see what is going on, they kill him. They then successfully escape to Ireland, where Allied sympathizers help them return to the U.S.

When word comes in that Hitler is dead, the Reich is thrown into chaos, but not as much as the Americans hoped, as rivalries are put to one side as the German leadership try to figure out who did it. The Americans have to take action quick, before a new power structure is agreed upon. What does the U.S.A. do now?

Try to make it look like it was an Axis member

Launch an invasion of Europe

Nuke Germany

Made by: Azecreth 18:18, August 1, 2010 (UTC)

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