The French American revolution
Part of The French Revolutionary Wars
Date January 25 1793
Location French North America
Status Over
The United colonies The French republic
Commanders and leaders
George Washington Maximilien Robespierre(Executed)
Units involved
America's first infantry division

The national guard

French revolutionary army
20,000 regulars

12,000 national guardsmen

16.000 regulars
Casualties and losses
5,000 regulars

2,000 national guardsmen 5000 civilians

8.000 regulars

The war  Edit

On July 14,1789 French Americans inspired by the revolutionary cause signed the declaration of independence and sent a copy to the French monarchy in response King Louis sent a French army of 20,000 to keep the colonies under French control but as the French revolution grew worse Louis had the French army sent back to France which showed the colonists that the French monarchy is weakening and has no control over them. On August 10,1792 the French revolutionary army stormed the Tuileries palace and captured King Louis and kept him prison until January 21,1792 when he was executed the French American colonists thinking the French republic would recognize their independence sent a copy of the declaration of independence to the French government the national convention had a huge debate on whether to keep America or recognize their independence one half voted to recognize the Americans independence the other half voted to keep America in the end the national convention decided to keep America and sent a army led by politician Maximilien Robespierre the the colonists created the national guard and the continental army in response. On April 23 1792 the French revolutionary army fought the American national guard at new York which ended in a French victory Maximilien ruled over the city with iron fist and executed anyone suspected of being a patriot the French government called half of Robespierre's army back to France to help with the war with Prussia. After a year of fighting the Americans recaptured New York Maximilien took his remaining soldiers and made a stand at the new York statehouse. On July 3,1793 the citizens of New York and the national guard stormed the New York statehouse killing nearly all of Maximilien's troops Robespierre was then captured and executed by angry New Yorkers. the French government decided to recognize The American independence on July 4,1793 the French army left the United States which celebrated as independence day 

The Aftermath Edit

the United States was unknown by many European countries as the french american revolution was covered up by France so Prussia still thinking the United States is a colony that belongs to France invaded in 1871 during the franco prussian war