The Russian Front
DateSeptember 1, 1939 - March 15, 1947
LocationNorth America

Decisive Allied Victory

Flag of the United States United States of America >Flag of the United Kingdom United Republic of Great Britain and Ireland
Flag of the United States President Franklin D Roosevelt
Flag of the United States General George Marshall
Flag of the United States Omar Bradley
Flag of the United States General George Patton

Flag of the United Kingdom Oswald Mosley
Flag of the United Kingdom Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery

United States:
3,102,000 men
2,100 tanks
1,700 aircraft

Britain:900,000 men,
2,606 tanks,
2,850 aircraft

Casualties and losses
Military casualties:
970,000 killed,
135,000 wounded,
719,000 captured

Civilian casualties:
142,000 killed
541,980 killed,
109,262 wounded
812 missing

The war in North America was very messy, with the United States and Mexico on one side, and the British Empire on the other.

Opposing Forces

The British Empire

The British Empire had been able to re-enforce their troop presence in America thanks to their Alliances with Japan and Germany. This had allowed them to strip troops from India, Malaya, Australia, Egypt, Persia and Palestine. This gave them a total strength of over a million men.

The US-Mexico Alliance

The USA had already been through the throes of the depression, and ever since Mosley's election, FDR ordered arms buildups, with the US Military Industrial complex being born at this stage. Their new Grant/Lee Tanks were coming out of the factories and were being shared with the Mexicans, who nearly fell to the Gold Shirts a few years previously. The Sherman and Pershing would follow soon after.

The Beginning

British Forces invaded through Alberta and Ontario. The new Spitfire did untold damage to the American Air force. Charles Lindbergh himself was killed over Seattle. This had the effect of moving Congress to Fort Worth, Texas.

American Counterstrike

St. Louis, the American Tsaritsyn

St. Louis was vital to the US war effort as its fall meant the USA was split in 2 across the Mississippi. This meant FDR gave a Stand and Fight order in his fireside chat "not one inch back".


Smedley D. Butler ordered the American army in Alaska to activate, in a bigger pincer that would crush the British, with Mexican assistance form the south.