The United States of America started off as a democratic nation, but due to certain complications the United States took a darker turn.

The 46th President

Hillary Clinton and Cole Wiseman are the two candidates in the 2020 American presidential election. Cole Wiseman is in the lead for the election with Hillary falling far behind. Most states vote for Wiseman, but there are still states voting Clinton. These states are New Jersey, Alaska, New York and Texas. Cole Wiseman becomes the 46th President of the United States of America. Meanwhile, America's war with Iraq goes into full scale. The war becomes known as American War of Iraq which lasted from 2021-2041. This war goes on for 20 years and due to this Cole Wiseman must stay in office until the end of the war. Following the Battle of Al Basrah, America took home the win. The whole time the war was going on Cole Wiseman had been president. With being him president, the power got to him and he started to want to be president more and more until he declared himself president for life. There were multiple revolts against Wiseman, but all were squashed.

The Rise of Willgang the Great

In 2038, Cole had a child. His named was Willgang Wiseman. Cole, now 53 claimed that when his son became old enough, he would take over as president. On July 4, 2055, Cole, was assassinated, by someone who believed it was in the 4th of July spirit. The now 18 year old boy, Willgang went on to become the first president in 35 years. After only 6th months of being president, Willgang said that he would no longer be known as president, but rather be known as America's first Emperor. Willgang took on the name Willgang the Great. Willgang first sent his troops over to Cuba and conquered it in under 6 weeks, then turned his troops toward the Bahamas, and then the Philippines. Both were conquered by the American Empire, this was truly the empire's dawn.

The First North American War and Conquest of South Oceania

In 2043, the United States of America left NATO because the other countries in the alliance did not approve of it's new ways. In 2058, the now 21 year old Willgang set out for Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. This meant war between Canada and America. This was the start of the First North American, the first war in the NATO wars. After two years of fighting America had taken control of Prince Edward Island. Then 6 months later (2061), America took Nova Scotia and Canada signed an agreement with America that they could keep the islands in they ended the war. Willgang excepted this offer. Willgang's empire was now comprised of 57 provinces, the original 50 states, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Bahamas, the Philippines, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia. Willgang then turned his troops to small island in southeastern oceania and created a new province, South Oceania. The troops were then sent to conquer North Greenland, and succeeded. To prevent rebellions, Willgang let his conquered citizens keep their beliefs and they had several rights. The Empire had the mainly the same rights as the original United States except citizens could no longer vote. Willgang wanted British Columbia next.

The Second and Third North American Wars

In 2065, the now 28 year old Willgang declared another war against Canada, he went to conquer the entire nation. His troops took out islands in North Canada, and then sent them to Southern Alaska. He sent more troops to Washington state. The Alaskan troops marched down and the ones in Washington marched up, they took control of northern British Columbia and than seized Victoria. Canada called to NATO for help but even with their support British Columbia still fell to America. Willgang later claimed that the District of Columbia and Long Island were their own provinces. The troops then conquered all of the Mediterranean and out sprung 4 new provinces, Jamaica, West Mediterranean Islands, Centeral Mediterranean Islands, and South Mediterranean Islands. This conquest of the Mediterranean was known as the Third North American War. It lasted from 2071-2072.

The Baja Purchase and Texan Rebellions

In 2075, the now 38 year old Willgang wanted Baja California. The Mexican government heard about this plan and knew that their forces could not match that of America's. To prevent warm the Mexicans offered Baja California to America in gold. America excepted and added it to the empire. Immediately after, Baja California split up into North Baja California and South Baja California. Soon after, Willgang moved from Queens, New York to Victoria, British Columbia. There, he had a son, Peter I. Meanwhile, rebellions were rising all over Texas, the province wanted to become independent and move back to its democratic ways. All rebellions were stopped, and extra troops were sent to Texas, as long as South Baja California to make sure the empire's newest province didn't want back in Mexico.

The Fourth North American War

In 2083, Willgang, now 46, sent troops into Yukon in hopes of taking it over. This sprung the Fourth North American War and it went on from 2083-2088, Canda had devolved a stronger army in preparation for this war. Willgang was only able to conquer a small part of southern Yukon. Canada's government was split on whether or not go retaliate. Eventually it was voted not to. With Sovia beginning to grow in power they nearly matched America's army. They challenged America for their power.

Peter I and the American-Sovian War

In 2094, the now 57 year old Willgang gave up his title of general to his 19 year old son, Peter I. Just 6 months later, Sovia declared war on America in fear of it becoming a threat. Sovia allied with Mexico and Canada. Sovia set up several bases in Chihuahua. Peter I immediately bombed all the bases he could spot and actually annexed Chihuahua because of this many citizens of the state fled as well as Sovian soldier. The soldier moved over to Canada and US flag rained in Chihuahua. Because America was so distracted with Cihuahua it gave Sovia the perfect opportunity to invade British Columbia, Montana and Alaska. Peter I decided to negotiate and offered Sovia 2 million dollars as well as several Alaskan islands and promised to never invade Sovia, if Sovia would call of their troops. Sovia agreed. Now, all attention was turned to the collapsing Mexico.

Conquest of Mexico

In 2096 Mexican troops from Sinaloa to Sonora to invade Arizona while also trying to take Chihuahua back. Peter took advantage of this and annexed Sinaloa since most troops had left the state. Sinaloa fell with ease. Now, Sonora was completely surrounded by American territory. American troops came in from all angles and toke control of Sonora. All eligible citizens of the state become American soldiers were forced to invade Coahuila. The state fell in 2101 four years after being invaded. After this, Mexico collapsed making securing Durango easy.

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