By the year 1968, the world is divided amongst a few mega-states, racing to explore space.



  • 1838: Colonel Fredrick Ritterman moves to the US to train and drill the army.
  • 1892: William Augustus Ritterman is born to Andrew and Mary Ritterman in Fort Worth Texas.
  • 1916: William Ritterman joins the Marine Corps as a Lieutenant.
  • 1917-18: William Ritterman serves in World War I. He distinguishes himself in the Battle of Belleau Wood,being promoted to Captain, then in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, being promoted to Lieutenant Colonel(skipping the rank of Major).
  • 1919: Attorney General Mitchell Palmer and Assistant Secretary of the Navy Franklin Roosevelt are killed by a bomb in Mitchell's library. It is widely believed to have been planted by anarchists.
  • 1921: The National Party is founded by Charles Victorson in Dallas, Texas. It preaches that Jews and Mexicans were the cause of the World War and the influenza epidemic, but it also holds some socialists ideals that all white and black men should share wealth (ironically, the National Party consider black people "brothers") and the economy should be planned as well as believing that the Native Americans should not be discriminated against as they "suffered too much". It gains marginal popularity in the deep south.
  • 1926: Ritterman joins the National Party. He is charismatic, able to whip crowd into a frenzy; plus, he fully agrees with the party's policies. He replaces Victorson as the top party member. Soon, rumours spread of Ritterman having at least one Black or Native American ancestor.
  • 1927: Because of these rumours, the KKK pay a "visit" outside ritterman's home in Fort Worth, lynching his wife and daughters. Ritterman hears about these events while away at a National rally in Colorado and decides to keep a low profile for the time being.
  • 1931: The full impact of the Great depression is felt. The National Party, which once only held regional offices (their highest office until 1932 was a state senator), gains huge popularity, even outside the South.

The Rise of a Menace

  • 1932: Charles Curtis is elected (minor POD) due to the Democrats being unable to field a strong candidate and the National Party taking Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Alabama. The Democratic losses in Congress are just as bad to the Nationals losing nearly all in the aforementioned states, and a good portion of theirs inside other states in the South. Ritterman comes in third for President, with 51 Electoral votes.
  • 1933: In April a three-way race riot, between Jews, Hispanics and Blacks and Whites, occurred in Chicago. Fourteen days later ones occurred in San Francisco, New York and Philadelphia.
  • 1934: The Democratic party implodes, with a third going for the nationals, a third for the Republicans and a third staying in the weakened party. The Nationals take the place as the second party and continue their sweeping congressional gains in the Great Plains and Rockies. Led by a charismatic Ritterman, the Nationals control every legislative seat from the deep South.
  • 1935: The Senate is evenly divided between Nationals and Republicans. Republicans lead in Congress by five seats. The Texas state legislature passes a bill demanding the registration of any 'Latino or Semitic peoples' residing in the state. The Nationals happily sign it into law. Ritterman begins a vigorous Presidential campaign. The first of its kind, it incorporates viciously attacking one's opponent's policies (named slinging for the phrase slinging mud) and fully using the propaganda potential of newspapers and radio. He sweeps through the Great Plains, Southern border states and Rocky Mountains, swaying millions to his National Socialist ideology. The worst race riots in American history up to this point occur, with an estimated 3000 Jews, 4500 blacks and 2500 Latinos lynched or beaten to death.
  • 1936: The election of William Augustus Ritterman as the 33rd president of the United States. He takes the South (including West Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky and Missouri) the Great Plains and the Rockies. The Republicans hold on to the West coast, the Rust Belt and New England.
  • 1937: Ritterman begins massive economic reforms to revive the nation from the Depression. He builds up the military and begins to catch up with Europe in technological might. In a move that shocks the world, he announces that Haiti and the Dominican Republic have been annexed. The first plans have been made for the 'Resettlement' of Jews, Hispanics and other 'undesirables' to West Texas, in "reservations".

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