(This is the first test of a new concept created by user Ace009. The first variations of the concept found here)

It is April 12th, 1861. The Union's Fort Sumter has just been attacked by Confederate troops, sparking the beginning of one of the most important wars in history that threatens to tear the American state apart.







  • The presidents act as the countries and as the supreme commanders. They will do the actions of the countries which include but not limited to, Foreign relations, economic actions, internal development, etc. They also appoint the Head General to a front which he must either defend or attack. They also appoint brigades to the head general which must be distributed between the head general and the other two generals.
  • Head General (McClellan & Lee) Must appoint the other two generals to areas they control. They also must defend/offense the front that they are appointed. They distribute brigades to the other two generals.
  • Generals controls brigades appointed to them by the head general, which they must use to the best of their action to defend/offense the front they are appointed by the head general.
  • Every player does an individual turn, but if it contradicts any of the high ranked members of the nation it will be crossed out by a mod and a change requested.


(Since this is just a test it is mostly sandbox.)

  • Every turn is a two-week period.
  • A new map of the fronts and the location of generals will be posted every four turns.


Mod 1: Through Stars We Rise. (Welcome to the Universe). 00:13, March 23, 2016 (UTC)

Mod 2: Nlenhardt

Mod 3:


Mod events

The Union's Fort Sumter was attacked by Confederate forces beginning the American Civil War

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