One of the strongest nations of the world, the United States of America, has been subject to many timelines where the outlook is much more different than our timeline. Yet, what if, America was alternate, yet pretty much the same. What if we had the alternate America? (This is tribute to the AlternateHistoryHub channel on YouTube, which managed to make AltHist more popular than ever)


~ 2.1 million B.C.: The Huckleberry Ridge eruption was never so massive, it never created the Yellowstone Caldera, but it created a huge region filled with magma lakes and weird life.

1419: After a stop in Ryukyu, Zheng He takes it to the east, to find new land, landing months later in OTL San Francisco. After his crew returns (He died during the return), a new interest of exploring swept through China.

1428: The Pueblo establish an empire similar to the Aztecs in New Mexico.

1638: The Swedish establish Nya Sverige (New Sweden) in Delaware on the coast, not upstream of a river.

1665: The Second Northern War remains a war between Poland-Lithuania and Sweden because of Poland's and Lithuania's loss.

1665: The 'Black Robes' never expand beyond Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, northern Wisconsin and northern Minnesota due to internal clashes.

1674: The Dutch don't have to relinquish New Holland to the British following the Third Anglo-Dutch, due to the Dutch winning more quicker.

1735: Georgia frees all its black citizens, thus becoming a hot spot for European workers searching for work in the Americas.

1753: Maryland liberalises slavery a lot, thus changing its culture.

1770: Boston Massacre never happens, but Baltimore Massacre happens

1773: Boston Tea Party never happens, but Baltimore Tea Party happens

1780: The British forces take Maine, never returning it to the US

1787: Rhode Island joins Massachusetts, the Carolinas unite.

1795: Vermont doesn't join the Union, so the US invades New Sweden and New Holland.

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