Previous - The Soviet Union attacks the Allies in the Far East (CYOAH)

The Allies decide that they need the Far East to attack the Soviet Union from behind. The Allies soon land thousands of troops in the Far East. However, the Soviet Union had positioned large garrisons there to keep the Allies out. The Allies managed to land a few thousand troops on the beach, but a large amount of men and supplies were sank or killed. The Allies managed to keep advancing, but after twenty miles, a stalemate broke out. The Allies controlled the skies, but the Soviets had a large amount of tanks and troops on the ground. Eventually, the Allies were able to deploy a large amount of troops on the ground. A huge battle had begun.

Who wins?

The Allies win!

The Communists keep the Allies at bay, literally.

Made by TacoCopper

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