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The Allies choose to finish the war with the Japanese and let the Russians deal with the Germans. They secure the Americas and amp up for simultaneous invasions in the Pacific. Their first targets include Hawaii, Midway and Guam and it is hoped that the multiple landings will put the Japanese off a coordinated defense.

The allies stage significantly successful landings in the Pacific. Their large fleets are put to good use and Hawaii, Midway and many of the other islands fall back into American hands. The Japanese are being forced back, and by September, they are caught trying to defend their territories in the Philippines and in Guinea. They fail in both and ANZAC and Allied forces meet up in Singapore.

Meanwhile, on the Russian front, the German advances begin to stall as they get held up by superior Soviet numbers. Their technology helps them keep control of the skies, but the Russians are slowly managing to stop many German advances. However, only 2 of their 3 "hubs" remain, as Leningrad had fallen to the Germans in late October.

The Chinese, for the first time, are able to make a difference. They get their act together and launch a pre-emptive strike on the Communists while they were trying to fight the Japanese. The Communists are caught off-guard and in one of the battles, Mao is killed, leaving them with no leader. The Komintang put up a defensive war against the Japanese while aggressively hunting down communists and establishing Nationalist control. Their air force also receives much needed experience in these battles and they are able to then fight the Japanese air force efficiently.

The Japanese, by winter, have been pushed pack into the core islands and territories (Korea, Japan, Okinawa etc) and the Americans are faced with a choice, do they invade the home islands or nuke them? And what about the Russian front, who will emerge victor?

Prepare for an Invasion of the country

Get ready to deploy the nukes at Japan

Leave the home islands and liberate everything around it

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