Previous - The Soviet Union launches a invasion of the UK (CYOAH)

The Allies decide the best course of action is to take back the UK as fast as possible, and to do this, they will need a base to operate from. The Allies soon invade Ireland, and after a few months of fighting, they take the small nation. Soon, hundreds of thousands of troops are stationed in Ireland. The nation experiences an economic boom thanks to all the troops there, and soon doesn't mind the occupation as much. The Allies soon launch an invasion of the UK, and as they advance through the paved streets of the city or dirt roads of the countryside, thousands of British Citizens join up with the Allied troops to fight against the Communists. Whenever the Allies fight, the Citizens help by attacking supply routes, killing soldiers, and giving false directions to Communist Truck Drivers. Soon, the UK is restored. The Allies decide that Europe must be liberated or the Soviets will get the strength to attack again.

The only question is where:




Made by TacoCopper

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