Previous British Attack Italy From France (CYOAH)

With Germany defeated, the Allies decided it would be best to make sure Germany as a nation would never exist again: having started two wars in 30 years, the German people could not be trusted with a strong, united government. Therefore, the French were given the land west of the Rhine, Britain received the ancient lands of Hanover not going to France, Poland got all the land to the Elbe (similar to what they would have in OTL), and the reconstructed Austria got Bavaria. The rest, mostly centered around Berlin, was formed as the small state of Prussia.

With Germany now dismantled, relations between France and Britain began to grow cold, ultimately breaking off in 1955. France, having achieved her long held goal of stretching her frontiers to the Rhine, now sought to dominate the entire continent, a long opposed goal of England. the first goal was Belgium, which, in a referendum in 1957, narrowly agreed to join the Third French Empire, under the descendant of Napoleon crowned Napoleon IV. By 1960, the French area's of Switzerland and Italy also joined.

Britain now realized they were facing a new Fascist power, and knew they had to stop them. But with French allies in Austria, Czechoslovakia, Spain and Poland, Britain had to do the unthinkable and try to approach the Soviet Union, the long feared boogeyman of European politics. But the death of Stalin in 1953 resulted in the hardliner head of the KGB Beria to come to power, and he recognized the power of a newly strengthened France, and agreed to the alliance.

France, under Napoleon IV, is now surrounded by Russia and Great Britain. What should he do?

Created by Tbguy1992 16:47, July 23, 2011 (UTC)

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