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Britain and France, under Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin and President Albert Lebrun respectively, know that unless Germany and the Soviet Union are stopped now, all of Europe will fall under their heels. Already, Eastern European Nations were scrambling to try to protect themselves, while coups in Bulgaria, Hungary and Yugoslavia install new Communist Governments, which immediately form ties with the Comintern Pact in early 1937.

Poland, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Romania all formed an alliance in 1937, which later joined Britain and France, as well as Imperial Japan (who had not yet attacked China, as negotiations with the Allies encouraged them to focus on Russia).

The spark of the war cam on March 15, 1938, with an attempted coup in Poland, which was suppressed. When German and Russian forces on the border started to skirmish with the Polish defenders, the beleaguered nation called on its allies to help. When Britain and France issued ultimatums to the Reds on the 17th, with a thirty-six hour expiration, and no reply heard, war was declared.

Germany and the USSR was waiting for this moment, and launched a simultaneous attack on Poland. Although brave, and managing to slow the advance of the red tides, the Poles soon were exhausted and forced to retreat to defensive lines outside of Warsaw. Romania and Czechoslovakia sent troops and aircraft to fight, which relieved some stress, but only an offensive on the western front could save Poland.

Western High Command, formed in Metz, France, and lead by British General Sir Harold Alexander, now has a difficult choice. Should the Allies launch an offensive on the Germans now, though still far from ready to do so? Or, should they let their Eastern European allies face the wrath of the Communists?

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