The Allied League is an alliance made by the Caliphate in 635 AD to combat the Gothic Empire and to support the Rise of Islam in the Middle East and Africa. The archenemy of the Allied League is the Gothic Empire and its allies. Any nations which are against the Goths and accepts and supports the Rise of Islam in Africa.


Council Mapmode2

The red is us, the green is the Mediterranean and blue is neutral.


  • The Caliphate - AH28
  • Persian Islamic Empire - Puppet of the Caliphate
  • Avar - Mod Application
  • Indian Empire - Said in turn
  • Lombard Kingdom
  • Pictish Council
  • Zanzibar Sultanate


This is for any nation to apply to become a member of the Allied League.


This is where the members discuss what to do in the future.



  • Obliterating the Gothic Empire
  • Celebrate 50 years.
    • Lombardy: I don't think that any member nation is in a good position to celebrate much of anything.
    • Lol
  • Lombardy: Any military aid you can get to northern Europe would be much appreciated. In the meantime, I'll work on plans for a Caliphate invasion of Crimea, and post it on the main Map Game page.
  • Caliphate: Let's work on Egypt and Northern Europe. And yes, I will give you aid.
  • Lombardy: Actually, we can plan here. If you have any soldiers near the Khazars, you can move them into the Black Sea and capture the Crimea. Then you can use that to blockade Rus' forts and possibly force them out of the war, or as a beachhead for any further invasions of Rus' territory. I would also recommend smuggling troops and supplies across Gepid territory; they are neutral, and should be too intimidated by your size and military might to protest.
  • I'm going to work on Northern Egypt, the Muslim Free State and sea battles in the Mediterranean.


  • Fight the Goths in the Mediterranean.
  • Reunite Egypt.
  • Fight the Carthage Empire.
  • Plan an invasion of Southern Italy.


  • Renamed alliance for the 3rd time the 'Allied League'.
  • Celebrate 100 years of the creation of the alliance.
  • Celebrate the fall of the Goths.
  • Make peace with Middle Egypt and the Carthage Empire.
  • Expand in Africa.
  • Invade the Kazakhs and the Persian Free State.

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