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China was officially on the side of the Allied Powers at the start of the Great War, but did very little, as China was rocked in turmoil. Only three years after the Qing Dynasty had collapsed the struggling Republic was still beset by warlords with personal Dragon rider armies, foreign powers carving huge swaths of land for spheres of interest (and at the tip of magic-forged bayonets) and a weak central government with ill-trained and equipped armies.

When the aliens invaded (having sought a place with great internal dissension to establish a stronghold), they offered peace and stability to the people of China so long as the humans in the area didn't resist. And for many people, after seeing the Space Bats annihilate entire armies of Bandits and Europeans at once, sought the protection of the aliens.

Except for one group of people. For centuries they had remained hidden, only subtlety influencing events in China and around the world for their own ends. But they finally decided to emerge from the shadows and take their place as leaders of the Alien War.

They were the famed Warrior-Ninja-Dragon-Flying-Monks of Tibet (just shortened to Dragon Monks for the purposes of this story), and they were going to free the world from the aliens, and make themselves the rulers of the world!

But first, they must make an alliance of opportunity to establish a base of power to fight the aliens. Who do they ally with?