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The first major alien landing is in Germany and Austro-Hungary, which is fairly unfortunate for them.

The Austrians, badly supplied and with little training, put up a stirring defense of Prague and Vienna, but are roundly trounced and forced to fall back into Germany, while the populations there are mostly enslaved.

But the Germans won't give in without fight, and put up a massive fight at the city of Augsburg, and prove that magic can beat technology! As the ASBs prepared to use limited Antimatter bombs on the defenders, the magicians summoned Air Elementals, crashing several airships into each other, and used Lava Elementals and an army of the dead to defeat the ground froces beseiging heaven- albeit at massive cost. But after the millions killed as the Aliens first struck, this evidence of their mortality is gladly seized upon by the other nations!

The Aliens respond with a general invasion of all continents, except for the very North. 

Which nation collapses?

        Centriflag   Flectere si nequeos superos- Acheronta Movebo!  00:34, January 23, 2014 (UTC)

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