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August 1915: The United States of America is still blissfully maintaining neutrality as Europe tears itself apart in the trenches in futile attacks that only result in casualty lists in the tens of thousands. Despite the German sinking of the Lusitania only four months ago and the outrage over the unprovoked attack, the vast majority of the US is not inclined to join the Great War. Instead the big industrialists and bankers continue to produce arms and munitions for the combatants, namely Britain and France which maintained a stiff and effective blockade of Germany.

On August 17 through out the entire nation, mysterious lights began to appear in the day and night skies. Theories abounded, ranging from intense meteor showers to the Second Coming of Jesus were all put forward, but on August 19, all theories were put to rest as a devastating alien invasion began.

All across America, and north in Canada and south into Mexico, reports of millions of "Alien Space Bat" creatures quickly conquering vast territories and killing all in their path cause panic. Canadian troops that were heading to the front instead are turned around to defend the major cities, while in the US, the lack of a large standing army quickly results in much of the Midwest falling into the hands of ASB's. However, the attack on a small town in North Dakota is turned around when a young girl with latent magic powers uses the element of Lightning to destroy an entire space ship worth of ASB troops with her mind, giving hope that there was something that can defeat these aliens.

President Woodrow Wilson, still in the White House as the technologically advanced ASB's tried to siege the entire Eastern Seaboard, announces the activation of Project Merlin, the top-secret project to unleash the powers of magic in those individuals with the ability. However, only a small brigade worth of these "Merliner's" are available, and there are demands for them everywhere. Where should President Wilson order them to go?

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