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The Alaskan War (1964: End of Days)

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The Alaskan War
The Alaskan War
Date December 4, 1961 - September 15, 1962
Place The State of Alaska
Result Russian Takeover of Alaska

Construction of the Bering Sea Pipeline

United States USSR

The Alaskan War was a short war between the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics over the state of Alaska and all it's resources.


Pre-War Events

Russian takeover of Kodiak Island

Unknown to the United States, shortly after the events of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Russian troops lead by General Cainov Kolak landed and took over the small island of Kodiak on December 4th.

Course of the War

Russian attack on Anchorage and Massacre


US Naval Blockade in Bering Sea



US Retreat and Russian takeover


Construction of the Bering Sea Pipeline




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