The Affairs of the President is a 1990 American film written and directed by Al Gore and produced by Michael Mitchell. The film starred Robert de Niro as the fictional Nationalist President James Broker, and featured an all-star cast including Sibyll Shephard, Nathan Mularkey, John Goodman, Sal Caparza, Michael Kitchen, Kevin Kline, and Samantha Woodward. The film is meant to be a candid look at the US political system, in particular the gray areas involved with corruption and honesty, and asks the audience to decide for itself if anyone within a 'broken system' is blameless or whether anyone should be blamed in the first place.

The movie was universally acclaimed, cemented the previously action-oriented Gore as one of the top directors in Hollywood, and won a slew of awards, including Best Picture and Best Director at the Academy Awards, and dominated the late-year box office despite its release date being postponed an entire year from November 1989 to December 1990.

The film is regarded as one of the best politically-oriented films ever made, and its style was influential in the creation of films such as The First Lady, The American President, Bucky, Robert and Elizabeth, and television shows such as The West Wing or Dick. The film's cynicism is also regarded as helping set public perception during numerous political scandals during the 1990's, in particular the John Lipcourt scandal, which emerged just months after the film's award dominance.

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