The Adventures of Han Solo, also referred to as Star Wars: The Adventures of Han Solo, was a TV show running from 1987-89 that lasted one and a half seasons on CBS, and featured Chevy Chase reprising his role as Han Solo from the critically acclaimed and commercially dominant Star Wars series. The series was designed as a prequel series to the film trilogy focusing on the various exploits of Solo during his career as a smuggler, although it was not an origin story and every episode was mostly unrelated. The show received mixed reviews, especially during its second season when characters from the original trilogy were haphazardly shoehorned into the series. The show also had exorbitant production values that CBS had trouble affording, and it was cancelled in early 1989 as ratings declined sharply from its first ten-episode run. It is seen as a major reason for George Lucas to scrap his ideas for a prequel trilogy in the late 1990's.

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