The Abbott

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On the 24th of June 2010, Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd stepped down to his deputy Julia Gillard, who stepped up un-opposed. On the 17th of July, she announced a election would be held on the 21st of August. She pitted herself against the Liberal leader, Tony Abbott, who would go on to win a slim majority.

2010 Election

On the 18th of August, Tony Abbott was lossing in the poles, and decided to go to Canberra for one more debate against the imcubent prime minister, Julia Gillard. The focus point was the immergration policy. Tony Abbott turned the crowd to his dirrection of allowing legal immergration to continue but send back all illegal immergrants to detainments across Australian pacific islands. August 20th, Tony Abbott appears before an audience at Sydney to win over a mass of undecided voters. He manages to win over the majority after speaking about plans to reduce carbon levels and lower minor taxes. This swings the voters his way, with 50.3% supporting him. Later in the day, he alo finally wins over the support of the greens and other parties.

August 21st, The people vote for the prime minister with final poles revealing 50.07% of people supporting Tony Abbott.

September 1st, The votes are anounced, and Abbott wins by a slim majority, defeating Julia Gillard 50.02% to Gillards 49.98%. He is sworn in as prime minister by the governor general Quentin Bryce on the 14th of September. His final number of seats won were 78-71.

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