The Eighth Crusade, also known as the 'Hidden Crusade' took place in the year 1220 A.D. Inspired by pope Honorius the III, a band of Western European Christians set out for the Holy Land. Around the same time though, the Mongol Horde had overrun the Khwarezm Empire to the East and was then on their way to Jerusalem. The two forces were unaware of each other's intentions until too late. The Mongol Army swept through Asia Minor before reaching Jerusalem's gates. They besieged the Muslim inhabited city on March 5, 1220. Meanwhile, the Pope's army and their fleet of approximately 40 warships had just restocked their supplies at the island of Crete. The Muslims withstood the siege for a month before the Christian army arrived at Jerusalem to see the Asian nomads had gotten there first. Fearing that these easterners would claim the Holy land for their own, the Christians led a full out charge against the Mongol's rear flank. The Mongols, given hardly any time to react, fled the battle or were slain in the process. In terrible condition and with very little supplies, both the Muslims and the Christians declared a temporary truce called the Pacem Victis, or Peace Victorious, which lasted for half a decade longer until the Germanic Prince Konrad Mausz declared a final assault of the Holy Land.  

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