The point of this timeline is to explore (at least what I think) the world would be like if Franklin Roosevelt, Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, and Josef Stalin were killed before they became who we knew them as. I present my new version of the 20th Century

Point of Divergences (1905 - 1940)


  • Josef Stalin is killed during the 1905 Russian Revolution while participating in guerrilla activities against Czarist forces.


  • The Great War breaks out in Europe. On one side are the forces of the Entente Powers (France, Great Britain, and the Russian Empire) against the Central Powers (German Empire, Austro-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire.


  • After three years of bitter war and increasing hardships the Russian Revolution of 1917 breaks out. Admist adoring crowds the Vladimir Lenin arrives in St Petersburg. By the end of the year the October Revolution has taken place leading to the Russian Civil War.


  • Lenin and Leon Trotsky successfully negotiate Russia's exit from the Great War. The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk is harsh upon Russia, forcing them to give independence to Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine. However states such as Armenia, Ukraine, and Belarus would be quickly re-annexed by the USSR
  • Like Russia in 1917 the German populace grows tired of war and the German Revolution begins and from the revolution results in the abdication the Kaiser and the formation of the Weimar Republic.


  • The Treaty of Versailles brings an end to the Great War placing harsh reparations upon Germany. Forcing them to give 13% of its territory, reducing its armed forces to a handful, and forcing them to pay massive war reparations.


  • Benito Mussolini, after his infamous March on Rome, is named Prime Minister of Italy


  • The Russian Civil War ends with a Communist triumph
  • The Bear Hall Putsch takes place in Germany, led by Great War veteran Adolf Hitler. The plot fails and Hitler is sentenced to five-years of prison. He is released after nine months due to political pressure.
    Bundesarchiv Bild 183-R15068, Leo Dawidowitsch Trotzki

    Chairman Trotsky would gradually turn the USSR from a backwater country into one of the world's Great Powers by the end of his reign


  • Vladimir Lenin dies from a stroke while attempting to recover from a series of them. In accordance with his will Leon Trotsky is named Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars of the Soviet Union.
  • Trotsky begins a policy of gradually turning the Soviet Union into an industrial powerhouse


  • Chinese Civil War begins between Communist and Nationalist forces. Trotsky sends massive aid to the Communists, including advisors and volunteers


  • The Great Depression occurs. The world is plunged into economic chaos, the hardest hit are the United States and Germany


  • Imperial Japan invades China, quickly taking oil-rich Manchuria
  • Winston Churchill dies in car crash


  • Political pressure and growing chaos forces President Paul von Hindenburg to make Adolf Hitler Chancellor of Germany
  • The Reichstag Fire Decree is passed in response to the burning the Reichstag. The act greatly
    File:Franklin D. Roosevelt.PNG
    suppresses the activities of other political parties mainly Communists and Socialists.
  • President-elect Franklin Roosevelt is killed in Miami by Giuseppe Zangara.
  • Vice-President-elect John Garner is sworn in as president. In his inaugural address Ganer makes it clear that he will enact the "New Deal" policies of Roosevelt.
  • The Enabling Act is passed giving full legislative and executive authority to President Hindenburg and Chancellor Hitler


  • President Hindenburg dies, Hitler and his puppet Congress abolish the office of the Presidency and its powers are merged with that of Chancellor, making Hitler both the Head of State and Government.
  • President Garnar attempts to try some "Rooseveltian Reforms" but very few are passed as opposed the dozens that were passed in OTL.


  • Italy invades Ethiopia
  • Hitler begins rearming the German Army


  • Hitler re-militarizes the Rhineland
  • Hitler is killed by Helmet Hulsh in a suicide bombing
    Hermann Goering - Nuremberg2

    Herman Göring. Führer and Chancellor of Germany from 1936 to 1957

  • After some brief civil disorder Herman Göring is named Hitler's successor.
  • Spanish Civil War breaks out. Trotsky sends massive aid to the Republican sides. Göring sends some aide to the Nationalists but not as much as Hitler did in OTL


  • President Garner wins election over the the Republicans, mostly thanks to his "Rooseveltian Reforms". However as memories of the deceased President-elect fade so to does support for the President in Congress
  • The Sino-Japanese War is grounded to a halt when Trotsky threatens to intervene on the side of the Chinese. Japan agrees to ceasefire but is permitted control of much of the Chinese coastline


  • Germany annexes Austria in what is called the Anschluss.
  • Göring invites Neville Chamberlain (Britain) and Edourd Daladier (France) to Munich where he demands Germany is permitted to annex the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia. The two don't take Göring as seriously as the did Hitler in our OTL and refuse.
  • Less than two hours after the conference Germany declares war on Czechoslovakia.
  • Britain and France declare war on Germany