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The 1st Sino-Russian War (Age of Expansionism)

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Sino-Russian War





Sino-Russian border


Stalemate, China loses all land outside of the Great Wall to Russia, China becomes isolated from most of Asia and Europe, Russia recognized as military power by Asian nations, Russia begins to colonize and invade America, Russian invasion of Japan


Russian Empire






40,000 men 10,000 cavalry

60,000 men 20,000 cavalry

Casualties and Losses

9,000 dead 14,000 wounded

7,000 dead 12,000 wounded

The war begun after the Russians invaded Mongolia. The Chinese supported the Russians by distracting the Mongols by overwhelming the Mongolian army at the Sino-Mongolian border. After China barley received any land from Russia and only gained a bit of land across the Sino-Mongol border. Russia eventually annexed this border forcing the Chinese to have their backs at their own wall.

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