The 19th century wars
Date 1870-1901
Location North America, Central America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia
Result Fall of the kingdom of Germany

Fall of the British empire Formation of the German republic Formation of the Mexican republic Rise of the United States

The United States of America

The French empire The German republic The Mexican republic The Russian empire The republic of Ireland Canada Japan

The British empire

The kingdom of Germany until (1879) China Austria The Kingdom of Mexico

Units involved
The American expeditionary force

The French expeditionary force Canadian expeditionary force Japanese expeditionary force Irish army Russian expeditionary force Mexican expeditionary force

The British army

The imperial German army Austrian army The Chinese army

345,456,000 troops 119.678.000 troops
Casualties and losses
military dead:25,000,000

civilian dead: 14,000,000

Military dead:34.000.000

Civilian dead:12.000.000


The 19th century wars was a series of conflicts throughout 19th century it remains the deadliest conflict in human history with 85 million deaths and caused the fall of empires and the creation of new nations and the rise of dictatorships