Thallians are one of the five dominant species that inhabit the Earth. A large, hairy, and muscular race, they live in the northern regions of Earth, including Europe, Siberia, and Canada. Typical Thallians measure about 7 feet tall and weigh 300 lbs. Other species often refer to them degradingly as "trolls," but the Thallians are a thoughtful, intelligent race. They prefer mountainous, subarctic, and arctic climates, where they build fortresses out of stone and feed off mountain goats, bison, and deer. Though carnivorous, they almost never eat another hominid species, even a non-Thallian, for this is cannibalism. Thallians have a typical life span of 50 years. Immensely strong, they are the builders of the largest structures on Earth, and also boast a fine navy thanks to their rowing skills. The Thallians prefer to live in peace in the northern hemisphere, and face no threat of extinction due to their physical prowess. Nonetheless, other hominids have sought to expel them from their hard-earned land.

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