The Thai Kingdom
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Maynmar
Thai flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
The Thai Kingdom II
The Location of the Thai Kingdom in Pink.
Capital and Largest City and Port Pathein
Language Thai (ภาษาไทย)
  others Thenmobist and Hindu minorities
Ethnic Groups
  others Sinican, Maurya, Mon, Khmer, Lao minorities
Demonym Thai
Government Monarchy
First King of the Thai Thuanthong (Given name Pho Chan)
  Royal house: House of Pho
Established 907 (154 AD)
Independence from The Srivijaya Empire

Foundation of the Thai Kingdom

The Thai Kingdom, like many other Post-Srivijaya States, was established after the blossoming of the year 907 (154 AD). After the Srivijaya attempted to invade the Khmer Kingdom, the area where most of the rebellions were happening and the place with the largest population, the whole of the Southeast Asian peninsula began to declare its independence from the Srivijaya Empire. It would take some years before these different Kingdoms would feel established enough to start actual wars. The first battle by the Thai was the Battle of the Andaman Sea. The naval supremacy which the Thai gained was due to the large port that the Thai had in the city of Pathein which controlled the area of the Irawady Delta. It was strategic in that region and was taken by the Thai, as its civilians were mostly of the Thai ethnicity, and their ships became Thai ships. This power of the sea gave them the ability to take on the Srivijaya and the Japanese Empires alongside the Maurya and eventually led to the death of the Maharajah and his Empire in 916 (163 AD). The leader of the intellectual movement among the Thai became their first King, Thaunthong, at the age of 26 years in the year 907 (154 AD). Despite their early victories, the Thai found themselves isolated in the Post-Srivijaya world of Asia. The Maurya and Thai relationship severely declined after the end of the Srivijaya Empire and the Japanese had no interest in them. The other Southeast Asian Peninsula Kingdoms were too busy with their own issues and also ignored the Thai.

List of Kings of the Thai

Thuanthong 907-922 (154-169 AD)

Thuanthong II 922-937 (169-184 AD)

Khamheang 937-951 (184-198 AD)

Borommpan 951-966 (198-213 AD)

Ramesuan 966-982 (213-229 AD)

Thonglan 982-988 (229-235 AD)

Borommarachathirat 988-995 (235-242 AD)

Uthong 995-1011 (242-258 AD)

Ratchathirat 1011-1034 (258-281 AD)

Ratchathirat II 1034-1049 (281-296 AD)

Ratchathirat III 1049-1062 (296-309 AD)

Thuanthong III 1062-1076 (309-323 AD)

Chairacha 1076-1082 (323-329 AD)

Thuanthong IV 1082-1091 (329-338 AD)

Thuanthong V 1091-1095 (338-342 AD)

Naresuan 1095- (342- AD)


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