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Thaarason II (St. George's Night)

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Thaarason II Lepitamatu
Duke of Livonia, Count of Latgalia
Reign 1440 - 1470
Coronation 1443
Predecessor Alev I
House Lepitamatu
Father Tharaason I
Born 1420
Ingristadt, Livonia
Died 1470

Thaarason II, commonly called Thaarason the Pagan or Thaarason King-Killer, was the fourth Duke of Livonia, succeeding his father, Alev I. He was Alev's illegitimate son; he defeated his half-brother, Artur, in a civil war for the throne. The lack of support from Livonian Christians led him to conduct a purge of them from his country, triggering a crusade and a Livonian revolt, led by him, against their feudal overlord, the Danish King.

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