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Texas presidential election, 1985
Ramsey Muniz 1972 Duke 200px-Bill Clements
Nominee Ramsey Muñiz David Duke Bill Clements
Party Independent Know-Nothing Republican
Running mate Carlos Truan
Percentage 42.55% 42.54% 12.9%
President before election
Ben Barnes
Elected President
Ramsey Muñiz

The 1985 presidential election was probably the most important election in Texas history. It marked the end of the expansionist period seen under the 'puppet presidency' of Ben Barnes and the reversal of many racial policies made after the civil war. On one side was Ramsey Muñiz, political activist and a former member of Libertad. On the other, David Duke, a former Louisiana politician leading the xenophobic Know-Nothing Party. With the Texan Border War raging on, Muñiz took an anti-war stance, opposed by the pro-war Duke. Initially, Duke was announced the winner, but after a series of recounts lasting over six months revealed Muñiz as the next President.



Democratic Party

Republican Party

Know-Nothing Party

Unionist Party





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