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Texas World

Texas. After seceding from Mexico, Sam Houston has an early heart attack. Instead of him becoming president, a George Rosen does. Rosen manages to get Texas out of debt and to build a good, solid army. All looks like it's going well until Mexico invades ...


  • December 1845: Texas is independent from Mexico.
  • January 1846: Sam Houston dies of a heart attack.
  • February 1846: The Constitution of Texas is ratified, with changes from our history. The term of the president is expanded to 10 years and can only be elected twice.
  • June 1846: George Rosen wins the Election.
  • July 1846: The Rosen Plan goes in effect, and within a few weeks the Debt is paid off.
  • December 1846: Texas develops its Armed Forces.
  • March 1847: The Invasion of Texas has Mexican forces nearly destroyed. They tried to invade but failed. This leads Texas to invade Northern Mexico and taking it.
  • April 1847: Mexico-Texan War. The U.S. sides with Texas and sends aid.
  • July 1847: Mexico surrenders all of its lands but Mexico City and nearby farms. U.S. only gets California and a lot of money along with an alliance with Texas, called the Alliance of U.S. and Texas.
  • November 1847: Texas renamed to the Republic of Texas.

To be continued ... Texas Domination

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