The United States of America agrees to fund a growing revolution movement in Spanish owned Texas in return for a portion of land being settled by Americans. Under Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara, a diplomat of Mexican revolution leader Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, and a former army officer named Augustus Magee, a militia force of Texans managed to capture Nacogdoches. There the Green Flag Republic was officially proclaimed. The militia's ranks were swelled by patriotic Texans and soon after, an official US regiment of 3,000 soldiers bringing the total of troops to 8,000 men. These forces soon moved to meet a large Spanish force sent to conquer the insurgency at Medina. The American John Barnard, took control of the armed forces and decided to make a preemptive strike against the Spanish. The Texans surprised the Spanish and the Battle of Medina turned into rout as all but 100 Spanish soldiers were captured or killed. One of the survivors who managed to flee was a young lieutenant named Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Rumor has it that he later swore to stamp out "those Texan dogs." The Texans then went on to form a government in San Antonio. They formed a Congress of wealthy landowners that voted Lara as president and began to draft a constitution. The Spanish had begun to reform their force and were preparing to lead another campaign into Texas when a full blown revolution led by Costilla in Mexico City formed. The Mexican army soon rebelled against their Spanish leaders and in 6 months the last Spanish garrison in Veracruz.


In early January the Spanish government officially recognized the independent Texan and Mexican governments and recognition from other countries soon followed. In Texas San Antonio was made the capital and the Congress drafted a Texan Constitution modeled after the US one. The government then held open elections where Juan de Morra was elected President of Texas, Lara was appointed as President of Congress, Magee was given control of the army and Rodolfo Aladenmar was elected vice president. Texas and the US then brokered a deal in which the land west of San Antonio would be made an autonomous entity within Texas that was open to American settlers. John Barnard was appointed governor of the new area which was named Fredonia.


Lara resigned as president of congress. He moved to Mexico where he would serve in the new Mexican government. Marco Martez is appointed in his place.


The population of Texas is 530,000-260,000 of those are in Fredonia due to massive immigration from the US.


Elections are held in which two distinct parties form-Los Republicanos and Los Tejanos Democraticos. President Morra of the Republicanos is reelected along with his vice president Aladenmar but the Democraticos have a majority in congress.


Stephen Austin moves to Texas with 10,000 others, Texas begins its free land initiatives to Americans in the rest of Texas


The Texan government replaces Barnard as governor of Fredonia with Austin who had risen quickly through the political ladder. The American population of Texas outnumbers those of Spanish origin with 600,000 Americans to 300,000 Mexicans.


Magee dies. Morra and Aladenmar are again reelected. The Democraticos demand a recount but are refused.


Depression racks Texas, Morra is blamed and a coup is led by Luis Valez. Morra resigns as president and manages to flee to Mexico but Aladenmar is captured and imprisoned. Martez is elected president of Texas.


Congress allows Americans full rights due to growing resentment against the Spanish speaking minority.


The new Anglo party led by Americans gains a majority in Congress. Stephen Austin is elected president. By 1838 Congress will be completely dominated by the Anglo party, the former Democraticos are reformed by whites under the name of Texan Democrats.


Settlers, by now completely white, had been pushing onto the Mexican border of Texas and beyond. Mexico, under the control of Texas hater Santa Anna, claimed the border was at the Nueces River, Texas claimed the Rio Grande. Both sides began building up forces when the Mexicans launched a raid against a Texan fort. A few days later congress unanimously voted to declare war under President Sam Houston. Though outnumbered the Texan army managed to push past the Rio Grande, into Arizona and gained several key forts.


The US joined the war on the Texas side and the combined forces eventually captured New Mexico, California and finally pushed into Mexico itself and captured the capital.


The Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo is signed giving all of California, Nevada, Utah and parts of Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and Arizona to Texas in return for $18 million. The US got nothing which greatly heightened tensions between US and Texas. Santa Anna was overthrown in Mexico and most of the country broke down into smaller states.

Next... The Oregon conflict!

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