From humble and bleak beginnings Texas grew and prospered and is now a Great Power in North America. Texas has membership in a great number of International Organizations including:

  1. The British Commonwealth
  2. American Union
  3. The Francophonie
  4. Mexican League

History of Texas

Texas's history had a great effect on North American history.

Spanish Texas

Texas was under Spanish rule from 1690-1831. Spain didn't get very many settlers into Texas and many people even in 1830 were French or English culturally.

Mexican Texas

When Mexico gained independence in 1831 Texas was part of Mexico. Texas was not very happy with Mexico to begin with but the Crisis of 1867 when Mexico was left with next to no government and many provinces seceded, Texas took this chance to gain independence. Texas was quickly (despite opposing most of the decisions leaving Mexico in debt) expected to pay a good portion of Mexico's debt.

First Kingdom

With Mexico ruined Texas declared independence and became the Kingdom of Texas. The Kingdom ceased to exist after less than a month when Louisiana annexed Texas. The first King of Texas was John Piere and died 2 days after Texas was absorbed by Louisiana.

Louisianan Texas

In January of 1868 Texas was annexed by Louisiana and most French Texans, most common in the north and east were happy with this. Most English and Spanish Texans, dominant in the west and south respectively were eager to return to independence. guerrilla warfare lasted from 1868 until 1915 when south and west Texas were granted independence as Louisiana weakened due to The Great War.

Second Kingdom

Texas was independent but unsure about how to go about creating a government and with 2 distinct cultures Texas was bound to be unstable. In 1915 Texas was organized as a kingdom with William Wilson as king and Rebeca Wilson as Queen. By 1918 Texas had been torn into 2 countries Tejas and Piere as Spanish and English respectively.

Twin Texases

The Twin Texases is the name often given to the time from 1918 to 1956 when Texas was made of two countries. Tejas was easily the more powerful Texas but both Tejas and Piere were great powers by 1956. The balance of power shifted in North America when Tejas and Piere joined together. Although they never engaged in a war, at times Tejas and Piere looked close to it.

Third Kingdom

Texas was once again a kingdom united and this time was here to stay. Created in 1956 and still around today, The Third Kingdom of Texas is one of the most powerful nations in the world and easily dominates North America. With the fall of Louisiana Texas gained control over French Texas and is now the undisputed greatest power of North America.

Culture of Texas

Due to it's original trilingual status, and immigration from Portugal, Italy, Germany, and even China Texas has a diverse culture. While only English, French, and Spanish are De Jure official languages, Italian, Portuguese, and German are commonly used in the various provinces. With so many languages and cultures living so close to each other, Texas has many creoles, many of which are used now to negotiate with societies speaking other languages.

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