Texas is a British colonial possession in North America. The Texan nation was formerly a province of Mexico, before declaring independence in 1835. The war that followed resulted in a British intervention; following Texas's independence, they chose to become part of the English Empire than to annex themselves to the United States. In 1947, the country was granted more internal autonomy, though it is still part of the Empire.

Dominion of Texas
Timeline: Royal Prerogative
(and largest city)
  others Spanish, French
Monarch William VI
First Minister Sir George Bush
Population 21,400,500 
Independence from Mexico
  declared 1835
  recognized 1845
Currency Pound



The Sovereign is Texas's Head of State, represented by a Viceroy. The Texas Colonial Parliament is the legislative body, and provides a First Minister who runs the government. The Colonial Office in London is technically the highest authority in Texas. A growing Texan independence movement has recently had electoral success. The Texas Independence Party now holds 19 seats in the Parliament, and polls indicate that at the next election, due in 2007, they could win enough to control the balance of power.

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