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In 1552, Castillian explorers went up the Rio Grande, founded settlements along it, to put a wedge between the French in the Mississippi valley and the Mexica. Later, those colonies would become Texas. 1562, King Henry IV of the Triple Monarchy of England-Castille-Portugal appointed a viceroy residing at Santiago (at OTL Havana's site) who coordinated governmental activities in the five capitanates / captainships: Caribbea (the islands, except Jamaica, which was under the English crown), Florida, Texas, Mayaland (collective term for all of Central America between the lands of the Tenochca and the French in Panama) and South Atlantis (OTL North Columbia, Venezuela).

When the Triple Monarchy fell apart, Texas stayed a colony of Spain. But in 1794, after Spain had been conquered by republican France, Texas declared independence, as did the other Spanish colonies.

1837, Texas was added to the growing empire of New Rome.

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