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Flag of Texas Republic-of-texas
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Republic Of Texas
Anthem "The Yellow Rose Of Texas"
Capital Austin
Largest city Houston
Other cities Flagstaff, Phoenix, Tucson, Santa Fe, El Paso
Language English, Spanish
Religion Roman Catholic
Demonym Texan

Texas is a nation located between the nations of Mexico and the United States Of America.


Texas has a long history with the US and Mexico, they also once formed a the Republic of Texas which was short lived due to the annexation of the US.

World War I

Texas was one of the first states to be attacked by Mexico in 1917, the US soon signed over the states of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona after losing due to extra forces from Central Powers in Europe and the Mexican army.

World War II

With years of being forced to stay with Mexico, the state of Texas, Arizona and New Mexico made contact with the Mexican Government to be able to succeed peacefully with no blood spilt, the Mexican Government denied.


Texas was inspired by the nations of Oceania, the Mexican and American population in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona made an agreement over to make a nation that would be fair to both English and Spanish speakers, and have a Spanish and English laws, and have schools teach both languages in state owned schools. The Nation was formed on September 5th 2010, and with the Mexican Government feared that the US and most of the world would have a bad backlash if Mexico had begun a war. Thus The Republic of Texas was officially formed.

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