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The Lone Star Flag of Texas

is an American state, located at the crossroads of the South and the Southwest. Texas has a unique distinction of having been under six flags of six different governments (Spain, France, Mexico, Texas as a nation, United States and Confederate States) even lending it to the namesake of the Six Flags amusement parks (which incorporated

At one point from 1836 to 1846 it was an independent nation all on its own as the Republic of Texas which formed in 1836 one year after American settlers in what was then the Mexican territory of Tejas revolted from President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna's increasingly totalitarian grip on the settlers. The highlight of the Republic of Texas' is the Battle of the Alamo at San Antonio, Texas where Texan troops defended an abandoned Spanish mission known as the Alamo from Mexican invaders and almost all of them died. Sam Houston (the Texan Army commander) had faced Santa Anna's men at the Battle of San Jacinto and won and as a result the Mexican troops were forced to retreat south of the Rio Grande river thus ensuring Texan independence.

For the next 10 years, Texas would remain an independent nation separate from both hostile Mexico and friendly United States even establishing diplomatic relations with some European countries and conducting trade with other nations such as Great Britain. Eventually, however the Republic of Texas ceased to exist and was annexed by the United States which would eventually lead to the Mexican-American War.

In some timelines though, Texas either survives to be an independent nation never being annexed by the U.S. or a new Republic of Texas is born after the balkanization of America.