The latest version of the $3 Bill, issued in 1997.


An out of use $5 Bill, last issued in 1988.


The obverse side of the latest $5 bill. The reddish color of the back is the reason for the nickname "Redback".

The Texan Dollar, commonly called the Texan Redback, is the paper currency of Texas. Texan Redbacks are close in value to the US Dollar, with an exchange rate of 2 Redbacks to the dollar. However, since the economic downturn in 1998, the value is slowly dropping. The Texan Stock Exchange predicts that by the end of 2000, it will be 4 Redbacks to the dollar.

The notable thing about the Texan Redback is that its design has barely changed since its inception, keeping with the complicated design, and simply changing the material to a cheaper, thinner, and easier to print on fiber.


An out of use $50 bill. Last issued in 1981.

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