The flag of the Republic of Texas.

Map of North America (Texan Pride)

Map of North America in the year 2000 CE.

On March 2 1836, Texas gained independence from Mexico. During the Lamar Administration, Texas managed to secure a loan from the United Kingdom in order to support their fledgling economy and their expeditions to New Mexico in order to expand their territory. Although the expedition failed, Texas's recognition among the world powers as a potential ally increased. Texas was finally able to secure a loan from France, and with it, sent three more agents to negotiate peace with Mexico. With the loan money from France, Texas managed to negotiate peace by transferring reserve troops and ceding set amounts of money each month until the end of the 1840's. This peace treaty is considered a miracle due to the high tensions between the two countries at the time.

Over the years, Texas passed through many phases. An invasion by the Confederacy in 1861, a civil war in 1942, and a US occupation in 1945, all threatened to tear apart the nation. And yet, the Republic of Texas has made it through it all.

By the year 2000, Texas had become an influential power in North America, with a fully independent Hawaii being in Texas's sphere of influence, and Mexico being a loyal ally in war.


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