Texan Civil War

December 21, 1977 - May 3, 1982


Texas, mainly in San Antonio and southern Texas


Texas victory

  • Libertad leaders executed
  • Abolition of Libertad

Flag of Texas Texas
Flag of the United StatesUnited States

Libertad Flag Libertad

  • Rebeldes Liberados

Texas Government

  • Preston Smith †
  • Ben Barnes
  • Gus Mutscher

Texas Military Forces

  • Ben Barnes (Acting Commander-in-chief)


  • Henry Cisneros
  • Bidal Aguero

Rebeldes Liberados

  • Antonio Orendain
  • José Ángel Gutiérrez

Texas Military Forces

  • 423,337 soldiers

Texas Militia

  • 22,340 members


  • 2,866,192 members

Rebeldes Liberados

  • 278,545 members
Casualties and Losses
  • 1,266 deaths
  • 96,441 injured
  • 9,054 deaths
  • 154,874 injured
  • 100,051 taken prisoner

The Texan Civil War, also known as the War of Liberation, is the ongoing conflict between the Republic of Texas and the organization of Libertad. It began officially on December 21, 1977, when Libertad protests turned violent in San Antonio. However, conflict had been brewing since the Anti-Zombie Acts were signed by Preston Smith in 1970.


Libertad was founded in 1976 by a group of Hispanic civil rights activists. Its original purpose was to end the draft of Hispanic-Texans in the Human-Zombie War. However, in the harvest of 1976, a mutant zombie strain led to massive crop failure. This pushed the majority of farmers to join Libertad as well. The government risked starvation. As a last resort, they asked the United States to send in food. They accepted.

War on the Horizon

After the crop failure, a new faction grew within Libertad: the Rebeldes Liberados. The Rebeldes were advocating the overthrow of the government, beyond reforms. They engaged in violence, not peaceful protest. Protests grew into riots. Riots led to assault. Arson. The military was called in to handle it. As a last-ditch effort to prevent war, Floridian and American soldiers were allowed into the nation. Ultimately, this proved futile.

San Antonio

The first and most major front was in San Antonio. Loyalists and rebels were split nearly evenly. The first battle raged for five months. Libertad took over the city, but the government of Texas constantly sent in forces to retake it. The Republic of Susquehanna sent in thousands of men and M-1's to aid them. With air and armored units swarming the city, San Antonio became a game of tug-and-war.

Towards the end of the civil war, while Libertad was finally beaten back, the city was placed firmly in loyalist hands. Since then, every mayor has been extremely loyal to the government.

Other Fronts

Outside of San Antonio, most of the fighting took place in the South. Libertad had most of their support from there, along the Mexican border. The United States was helping the Texans, and by 1982, most prominent leaders of Libertad had been found and captured. A select few fled, still hiding in the Chihuahuan Desert.

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