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Texan Border War
Night of the Living Alternate History
Texan town in ruin.
Date 1985 - 1987
Location Texas, New Mexico, Arizona
Result Status quo ante bellum
Flag of TexasTexas

West TexasWest Texans


White SandsWhite Sands
Flag of New MexicoAlbuquerque
Navajo flagPainted Desert

Commanders and leaders
Flag of TexasDavid Duke

Flag of TexasRamsey Muñiz
Flag of TexasBen Barnes

FuturaTom Henderson

Navajo flagPeter MacDonald
Navajo flagPeterson Zah

Flag of Texas300,000 Soldiers

Flag of Texas600,000 Reserves
100,000 Militia


Flag of New Mexico100,000
White Sands30,000
Navajo flag70,000
100,000 Militia


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