State of the Teutonic Order
Staat des Deutschen Ordens
Civitas Ordinis Theutonici
Timeline: Principia Moderni IV (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: State of the Teutonic Order
Flag of the Teutonic Order.svg Insignia Germany Order Teutonic.svg
Coat of arms
(and largest city)
Official languages Low German, Latin, Baltic
Religion Roman Catholic
Demonym Teutonic
Government Theocratic Order
 -  Grand Master John Kasper von Stadium
Legislature Estates
 -  Treaty of Kruschwitz May 1230 
 -  Polish-Teutonic War 1326 - 1332 
Currency Prussian Marks

The Teutonic Order is a nation in Northern Eastern Europe. It covers much of the Baltic coast and began after crusaders settled in the Prussian and Livonian regions following several successful crusades against Old Prussian Pagans. It is a thriving beacon of both Christianity and commerce at the dawn of the 15th century.

History Edit

History of the Teutonic Order.

Military Edit

The military of the Teutonic Order is right now not supported by the current Grand Master. He believes that to improve the nation he can't firstly attack and steal nutritious land but rather improve the land himself, resulting in a deficit for the military spending.

Territories Edit

Teutonic Territory Capital of the Territory
Pomerelia Danzig
Preußen Marienburg
Samogitien Soule
Kurland Windau
Zemgale Mitau
Livonia Wenden
Estland Reval
Gotland Visby

Economy Edit