'Freedom for Scotland' movement

Although details of the 'Freedom for Scotland' movement are sketchy some are becoming clearer.

The Celtic Alliance has questioned the three members of the 'Freedom for Scotland' movement that claimed asylum in the Alliance shortly after the terroist explosions in central Peebles on the 5th of November 2010.

From the three members currently in Celtic Alliance custody several details have come to light.

There are approximately 50 members of the movement currently in the New Scottish State, the movement is calling for:

  • Free and fair elections for all the positions in the Chamber.
  • A general election for the position of Chairman every three years.
  • A reduction of the powers of all the Guilds of Scotland.
  • Removal of the death penalty.
  • Removal of rules against non-Scots working, trading and living in the territory of the New Scottish State.

They state that they will continue to attack military and governmental organisations and instillations until their demands are met.

The leaders of the movement have taken the names of the failed 1605 Gunpowder plotters as code names, they are:

  • Guido (or Guy) Fawkes - who sent the message to the Dublin newspaper.
  • Sir Robert Catesby
  • John Wright - real name John MacDougal, executed 27th November 2010.
  • Thomas Wintour
  • Thomas Percy - real name Michael Phillips, relesed from CA hands 20th December 2010
  • Robert Keyes
  • Thomas Bates
  • Robert Wintour
  • Christopher Wright - real name Michael Wood, executed 27th Novemember 2010.
  • John Grant - real name Paul Weir, relesed from CAs hand 20th December 2010
  • Sir Ambrose Rookwood
  • Sir Everard Digby
  • Francis Tresham - real name Phillip Johnstone, executed 27th November 2010.

Explosion in central Peebles

2.30PM, 5th November 2010

At shortly after 2pm local time a massive explosion was reported in central Peebles: the explosion was heard as far away as 5 miles and damage to buildings has been reported up to one mile from central Peebles.

First reports are that a building close to the main Chamberhouse building has been completely demolished and that the Chamberhouse building has been seriously damaged by the blast. The Chamber itself was in session at the time of the attack, the conditions of the members of the house and the Chairman is, at this time, unknown.

3.30PM, 5th November 2010

Further reports from central Peebles has confirmed that the public house immediately next door to the Chamberhouse known locally as The Thistle has been effectivly removed from the centre of the town. The building has been removed to below foundation level, initial reports are that the explosion my have been man-made and intentional.

Damage to the Chamberhouse is catastophic - approximately three quarters of the building has collapsed and part of it is on fire.

Reports are also surfacing about the condition of the members of the Chamber: it is understood that so far four members of the house have been pulled alive from the ruins and are currently on the way to local hospitals. Among the known survivors is Chairman Macintire.

4PM, 5th November 2010

An announcement of deaths in the Chamberhouse.

Phillip MacEnroe, an assistant to the Dumfries representative James Macdonald announces that both James Macdonald and the representative for Midlothian, Sean Galvin have been killed in the explosion. Their bodies have been recovered.

He also reports that Chairman Macintire has a broken arm and some smoke inhalation, Lockerbie representative Mary Johnstone has a broken leg and arm, Livington representative James Stuart has bad burns to both his arms and smoke inhalation, and Clydesdale representative Michael Mawson has internal injuries, burns to both his legs and smoke inhalation.

Martin Cameron, the representative of Peebles and Tweeddale and Alexander Jones, the representative of Carrick are both still missing.


In the Celtic Alliance, the main newspaper in Dublin receieves a message at 3pm from a man calling himself Guido Fawkes, taking responsibility for the explosion in Peebles. The party responsible calls itself Freedom for Scotland. (5th November 2010 is the 405-year anniversary of a failed plot by Guido Fawkes to kill King James and Parliament of Great Britain in 1605)

4.30PM, 5th November 2010

Military officials announce that the explosion was likely caused by a large amount of ANFO (Ammonia Nitrate/Fuel Oil) explosives packed into the basement of 'The Thistle' Public House. From the amount of destruction they estimate that the bomb weighed between 1000 and 1500 lbs.

Phillip MacEnroe announces that the bodies of the two missing representatives, Martin Cameron and Alexander Jones have been recovered along with the bodies of three representatives assistants. Five people remain unaccounted for - they are mainly admin staff as well as the head caretaker for the building.

At 4.30pm two men and a woman approach the Celtic Alliance border near Stranraer. They claim asylum and are brought to the office of the mayor of Stranraer. Once there they identify themselves as members of Freedom for Scotland and claim responsibility for the bombing. They also say that they are three of the five people still listed as missing the the Chamberhouse building - they are the assistants to Martin Cameron, Mary Johnstone and the head caretaker for the Chamberhouse building.

5PM, 5th November 2010

Chairman Macintire returns to the ruins of the Chamberhouse, in a wheelchair with his left arm in a cast and sling. He denounces the act of terrorism that has occurred today and vows to hunt down the terrorists.

He also announces that the death toll for the attack has risen to nine, all the missing people have been identified and either their bodies have been recovered or their whereabouts located (he did not mention the three people who have given themselves up in Stranraer).

6.30PM, 5th November 2010

Chairman Macintire appears in front of the still burning Chamberhouse, he announces that Michael Mawson, the Clydedale representative has died of internal injuries sustained in the bombing.

November 6th 2010

Chairman Macintire declares the 'Freedom for Scotland' movement an illegal terrorist group and says that any person being a member of the group or assisting the group will be arrested and held indefinitely on charges of treason against the state.

Capture of terrorists

At 8am on the 7th November 2010 John McQuade, Police Chief for the New Scottish State announces the capture of eight members of the 'Freedom for Scotland' movement. Among them are the publican who had the lease to 'The Thistle' Public House, a former military explosives expert and three of the leaders of the movement.

They were placed on trial within the next two weeks, and found guilty. They were all publicly executed.

The date of the trial was set for Wednesday 17th November 2010. All the prisoners were found guilty and sentenced to death they were imprisoned until the execution date of 27th November 2010.

Gallows were built in central Peebles close to the ruins of the Chamberhouse.

The head members of the Freedom for Scotland movement were be "hung, drawn and quartered." The rest were hanged until dead and then the bodies burned at the stake to act as a deterrent towards acting against the New Scottish State.

This sentence has been condemned as overly barbaric by the governments of the Celtic Alliance and Kingdoms of Cleveland and Northumbria

27th November 2010

Despite the heavy snowfalls overnight the execution of the eight members of the 'Freedom for Scotland' movement were carried out on the morning of Saturday 27th November 2010, starting just after noon the members of the group set to be hanged and then burned at the stake were brought forward one by one and executed.

The non-leadership members of the group were hanged until dead and then removed to the pyre set up in the centre of Peebles. Once all five have been killed the pyre is lit and the remaining leadership of the group were made to watch as the bodies are burned.

Then starting at 2pm the three captured leaders of the group were executed by hanging until nearly dead, then drawing whilst alive (effectively gutted alive) and then the bodies were then quartered (chopped into four pieces, plus the head) and parts sent to the larger villages and towns to be displayed as a warning. The severed heads of the three leaders are put on spikes and displayed in central Peebles.

Although the execution was public, the crowds that turned out only numbered in the hundreds, not the thousands that were expected. This has mainly been put down to the bad weather on the execution date.

10th December 2010

A small group of men have attacked a military base on the outskirts of Lockerbie, several soldiers were killed and several dozen seriously injured when home made mortars were fired into the base whilst training in the main yard was underway. Three building were destroyed and two seriously damaged, only one of the attackers was killed in the ensuing firefight: the rest of the attackers escaped into the snow-filled landscape and could not be tracked. Military officials have declared that the perpetrators will be found and executed. 20th December 2010

In a move that has angered the Chairman and government of the New Scottish State, the Celtic Alliance has released the members of the 'Freedom for Scotland' movement they had in custody without charge. Despite the diplomatic links that have built up recently between the two nations, the Celtic Alliance refused to allow the 'Freedom of Scotland' movement members to be extradited back to the New Scottish State for trial on terrorism and mass murder charges.

The reason the government of the Celtic Alliance gave for the non-extradition was the treatment and later execution of the other members of the 'Freedom for Scotland' movement that the Scottish government had captured.

End of Ur Alba

After the fall of the Ur Alba government in early 2011 the 'Freedom for Scotland' terrorist group has declared a total and complete ceasefire and will in due course tell the world who there real identities are.

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