The Empire' of Oceania' is comprised of seven semi-autonomous territories, which sometimes encourage the reference to Oceania as a "Commonwealth" or a federal state despite its constitutional monarchy. Oceania includes Malaya, New Guinea, West Australia, East Australia, Northern New Ireland, Southern New Ireland, Polynesia, and Macronesia. The island of Tasmania is currently a state of East Australia, although Tasmania has petitioned to become an independent territory due to its cultural and political differences with East Ausralia.


There are eight Oceanian territories, and all but West Australia include subdivisions known as states.


Capital - Palembang City

  • North Sumatra (State Capitol: Medan)
  • South Sumatra (State Capitol: Palembang City)
  • Aceh (State Capitol: Aceh)


Capital - Jayakarta

  • East Java (
  • West Java (
  • Jayakarta (State Capitol: Jayakarta)
  • Bali


Capital - Kupang

  • Timor (State Capitol: Kupang)
  • Molucca (State Capitol: Ambon)
  • Lombok-Sumbawa
  • Sumba
  • Flores

East Australia

Capital - Canberra

  • New South Wales (State Capitol: Melbourne)
  • Queensland (State Capitol: Brisbane)
  • New Northumberland (State Capitol: Darwin)

New Guinea

Capital - Port Moresby

  • New Guernsey
  • New Normandy
  • East New Guinea

West Australia

Capital - Perth

Northern New Zealand

Capital - Wellington

  • Auckland (State Capitol: Auckland)
  • Taranaki (State Capitol: Stratford)
  • Wellington (State Capitol: Wellington)

Southern New Zealand

Capital - Christchurch

  • New Kent (State Capitol: Christchurch)
  • Edwardia (State Capitol: Greymouth)


Capital - Apia


Capital - Suva

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