Last Updated 1472 (Populations estimated based on 1470, with expected plague deaths at 15%)

Approx sq km based on 1 px = 50 sq km

Pixel counts are subject to error of counting

Name Status Date Established Government Change OTL Location Population Estimate (1470*) Pixels Approx sq km
Alexandria Kingdom 1458 1458 See Below 2,000,000 ???? ????
  Alexandria Province 1462 1462 Alexandria Governate 1,750,000 153px
  See of Saint Marks See of Coptic Church 1463 1463 Part of City of Alexandria 15 n/a n/a
  Alexander's Strait  Province 1468 1468 Near Strait of Bab-el-Mandeb (Yemeni Side) 50,000 12 px 600 sq km
Judea Province 1470 1470 Judea Region 250,000 approx 267 (in 1480) ????
Egypt Census Region 1479 1479 Regions Below approx 17997
 Cyrencia Province 1476 1476 slim region of Cyrencia region of OTL Libya n/a yet ???? ????
 Marmarica Province 1476 1476 Marmarica Region and region up to Alexandria n/a yet ???? ????
 Memphis Province 1477 1477 Region around the Nile in Lower Egypt
 Thebes Province 1477 1477 Region around the Nile in Upper Egypt
 Western Desert Territory 1478 1478 Region west of Nile Valley
 Philadelphi Province 1478 1478 Region East of Nile Valley South of Cairo to border of unorganized territory
Sinai Proposed Province
Great Eastern Sea Trade Region Census Region
 Punt Enclaves Trade Enclaves / City-States 1483 1483 OTL Cities of Bosaso, Somalia; Qandala, Somalia; Bargaal, Somalia; and Xaafuun Pen. of Somalia
Port of Katrina Trade Enclave 1486 1486 OTL Greater Karachi (Pakistan)
Nestoria Trade Enclave 1487 (fully under Alexandrian control in 1537) Transitional OTL Bahrain
Milh Trade Enclave 1487 (fully under Alexandrian control in 1537) Transitional OTL Abu Dhabi and surrounding area
 Singapura Trade Enclave 1488 (fully under Alexandrian controlled in 1538) Transitional OTL Singapore
Aiguptia Vassal, Kingdom, Dynastic Union 1464 1464 Nile Delta Region 2,000,000 ???? ????
Cairo Province 1472 1472 Nile Delta Region except Alexandria 2,000,000 577 px
Dioscoride Province 1472 1472 Socotra Archipelago (4 islands) 89 px 4200 sq km
Philadelphi Canal Zone 1476 1476 Philadelhi Canal Zone (Canal and bordering commercial areas) included in Cairo Included in Cairo included in Cairo

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