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Terre Haute was a former nation in the Wabash Valley in Indiana. It joined Provisional Indiana in 2000.



Having not been a target during Doomsday it was able to harbor refugees from Indianapolis. But fallout was heavy in the central Indiana area, and caused major deaths in Terre Haute and to the incoming refugees.

Mayor Judy Clay had taken power in the years before Doomsday. She led a strong force against thugs and gangs and stated "Whoever dares take advantage of these hard times will see their maker in no time!" She used the Terre Haute Federal Correctional Complex death row chamber, the only one in America to kill five criminals, which stopped a lot of looters and gang members. She was also able to take advantage of some of the old Coal fields around Terre Haute and use them on the Wabash River Coal Power Plant. She was able to provide power to the city of Terre Haute and the nearby counties gaining their trust.

Meeting Lafayette

While trying to lower the fires of the VX production plant of Newport. Lafayette and Terre Haute volunteers contained the fires together, making a bond between the two city states. With sealing the deal with Richmond and Anderson and Munice, Lafayette was able to get Terre Haute's support and gained its signature on Indiana's new constitution - a basic revision of the old one.

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