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History of Rome-After Ætas ab Brian (Ætas ab Brian)

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Roman America
Terranovae Romanus
Timeline: History of Rome-After Ætas ab Brian (Ætas ab Brian)
SPTR flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Unalacius (seat of continental Procurator)
Latin, Greek
  others many native languages, Latin dialects, Nihonian
Procurator name of head of state
title of chief of government name of chief of government
Area 11 427 495 km²
Population 166 298 780 (year2193(1440)) 
Established 1470(717)
Currency Carici

North America's earlier colonisation was also accompanied by a population growth rate higher than OTL (at least on the East Coast). Because of Caesars Calvinvs (1441(688)-1473(720)) and Gellivs (1473(720)-1503(750)) intense personal interests in expanding Rome's oversea empire, emigration from the densely populated Mediterranean provinces was encouraged through propaganda, free land, and monetary incentives. Emigration from the northern European provinces (e.g. Britannia, Gothia, Scandia, Thule Minor) was also unintentionally high as many hoped for free land that was warmer and had a longer growing season. A large number of Slavs which were discriminated against or inhibited in Roman Europe also moved to Terranova, however not all of them were interested in Roman citizenship and so a Slavic community that only tenuously recognised Roman rule grew in Terranova early-on.

Slavic Community in Terranova

The Slavs in Terranova were relatively unsolicited colonists as they did not really support Roman culture or ideals. As a result they were often given crummy land if they went through real estate brokers and often had their independent land claims challenged by the colonial government. They were a cultural enclave in Terranova, which, during the Commonwealth’s rule, were under represented. The Slavic community shrank until Project Hadrian when new colonists were encouraged by Rome to increase population loyalty; and Slavs followed from Europe once again. Highly traditional, the already present community suffered little cultural drift from their ancestors and the new Slavs fit in just fine. The community’s atrophy during the absence of Rome caused the people to intermarry and diffuse, in effect, many Terranovans can claim their heritage being as much Slavic as Roman.

  • Abenacia (Québec)
  • Totonae (Mexico)
  • Calusa (Dixie)
    • Capital Tecustra
  • Scanata (Rust Belt)
  • Tainocai (West Indies)
  • Lacota (Central US)
  • Nova Scandia (Atlantic Canada)
    • Capital Nova Hortonium
  • Vendatia (Rupert's Land)
  • Cadosan (Texas)
    • Capital Otacilium

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